Employee Autonomy: Minimize Micro-Management

It is in the best interest of management to strike the right balance between micro-management and autonomy to avoid issues in the workplace.

As managers, you must trust in the abilities of your employees. If a manager is looking over an employee’s shoulder every ten minutes, he or she probably doesn’t have much trust in their employee’s capability to do a quality job.

It’s vital to include some degree of “do-it-yourself” in the tasks of your employees. Supervisors must avoid too much micro-managing so employees don’t feel smothered with oversight.

However, there still must be some degree of regular supervision over the work of your employees. If there are no periodic checks on employees’ work whatsoever, employees may begin to feel as if they are not important to the company and become unmotivated and exhibit decreased workplace productivity.

Employee satisfaction surveys can explore the appropriate level of autonomy that is optimal for productivity within a company.