Corporate Climate

People Factor

Is the atmosphere at your company friendly and outgoing, or are employees more introverted? For the most part, employee satisfaction tends to increase when a company’s environment is more pleasant and welcoming.

That is not to say that shy people don’t value quiet surroundings. It’s important to know what type of employees you’re looking for before you hire to ensure a good fit for your company.

Company Rituals

It’s important to have regular gatherings, or company rituals with employees, both work-related and “outside the office” to stimulate team spirit.

Having a cake day for each month’s birthdays or organizing a company softball game are just a couple of examples of rituals that can enhance a company’s corporate culture and improve the level of employee satisfaction.

Office Layout

Physical surroundings also play a part in determining the “vibe” of your company and contributing to employee satisfaction.

Plants, artwork, windows, and non-fluorescent lighting are some examples of additions that can make employees more comfortable in their work environment.