Pre-Conference Surveys


If you are in the infant stages of planning an event, you can survey your members/stakeholders to gather their thoughts on what type of event they would like to attend.

Members/stakeholders can also provide feedback on preferred locations, best time of year to hold an event, which keynote speakers they would like to see, as well as what other activities they would like to participate in at an event.

Target Your Attendees

When you have an event, especially with complimentary food, there is a risk that people will show up just for a free meal. Also, some people may attend an event not knowing they won’t get much out of it.

To make sure you get the best value out of those who attend your event, deploy a pre-qualifying survey.

Ask questions that pertain to what they would like to get out of the event, how interested they are in the subject area of the event, and how likely they are to move further in working with your company.

These types of inquires will give you insight into who is the best fit to attend your event, and who you can do without inviting.

Based on the responses, you can apply branching to either proceed with event registration or politely communicate that based on the respondents’ answers, they probably would not benefit from attending the event.