Zarca's intuitive features like Invitation Reminders
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Check List for Effective Online Surveys

Before you begin administering survey research, you should form some goals and ask a series of qualifying questions. Engaging in this exercise guides your research and is essential to execute a well-prepared survey strategy.

Below are some topics that you should consider in the beginning phase of your research:

Before the Survey Process Begins
Identify critical areas before the survey process begins.

Design dynamic online surveys
Use advanced edit and distribution features to enhance respondents’ survey experience.

Maximize Respondent Convenience
How to provide respondents with convenience in timing and survey modes.

Ensure data quality
Validate data by eliminating GIGO (Garbage-in-garbage-out)

Gather low-cost data
Using online surveys significantly lowers the time and money spent on manual data collection methods of yesterday.

Boost response rates
When, how, and how often to send survey invitations/reminders will determine the level of survey overload your participants feel.

Responsible online survey administrator
How to build strong, trustworthy relationships with your survey participants.

Data Export
Zarca allows users to add data from external surveys into the mix of surveys deployed within the platform.

Share Findings
Communicate trust and respect by sharing survey results with participants.

Makes users more efficient with permission-based access to survey folders.