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The Zarca Difference

At Zarca Interactive, we know that your company is unique, with its own specific culture, enterprise challenges and business needs. You’ve likely spent considerable time and money creating and refining your brand, a brand you communicate to the world every time you reach out to prospects, customers and employees.
But the way you reach out — how you word your questions, whether your survey design looks polished or haphazard, what you say in your survey invitations — tells the world not just how you want to be perceived, but, more tellingly, how you perceive yourself.

With Zarca’s full-service, tailor-made business solution package, all your feedback interactions will present your business in just the right light — professional, self-confident, in tune with your key stakeholders.

Every Zarca client is assigned a Relationship Manager, who will quickly become your new best friend. An expert in our online survey platform, your Relationship Manager will help you best utilize our advanced, time-saving features, teaching you how to:

  • Develop the right questions — and the right question types — with appropriate answer options.

  • Create a personalized survey look and feel, complete with your company’s logo, colors and branding.

  • Deploy your survey, ensuring you reach the right stakeholders and that you’re not inviting the same people over and over. Our personalized messages tell your invitees why they’re being asked to participate, exactly what subjects the survey covers, how long the survey will take to complete and what your company will do with the collected data.

  • Monitor responses as they come in, with our dynamic, real-time reporting. A live link allows you to stay on top of responses 24/7 for the most up-to-the-minute feedback.

  • Create dazzling, powerful reports in PowerPoint, Excel or Word. Customizable graphs and charts let you see your data in whatever format you prefer — orange pie chart, 3-D horizontal bar graph, turquoise bubble chart. However you’d like to visualize your data, we can make that vision a reality. With 13 types of reports, including one devoted solely to statistics, individual responses are transformed into precise, understandable action items.
Once you’re up and running, your Relationship Manager is available to troubleshoot, answer questions, provide additional training — whatever assistance you may need. Before you know it, you’ll be a Zarca expert yourself.

Our customized, all-inclusive solution even includes access to telephone and paper surveys. A bit of a throwback perhaps, but better to be prepared if you ever need to reach a certain group the old-fashioned way.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys. Association Conference Evaluations. 360-Degree Feedback. Whatever information you need to gather, and whatever your current level of data analysis expertise, count on Zarca Interactive for a custom-made, comprehensive business solution.