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Online Survey Best Practices

Survey Due Diligence
Surveying stakeholders without knowledge of “best practices” can be likened to driving a car without completing the required training courses. Sure, you can get behind the wheel without the proper training…but there’s a greater chance that you will incur a traffic violation, or worse. Similarly, you can start surveying your customers, employees, members, etc. without the proper knowledge of best practices, but then you’ll have a higher probability of succumbing to the various pitfalls associated with over-surveying, lack of branding, etc.

To mitigate the risk of low response rates and - even worse - negative publicity, survey administrators should take care in preparing a survey project and form best practice policies prior to the deployment of any survey.

In this section:
Respect for participants (Touch Rules)
Zarca allows users to comprehensively track their survey respondents’ participation history and set rules for how many invites they’ll receive based on that data.

Survey branding
It is important to always brand your invitations and surveys so that respondents know the invites are reputable, and so they also come away with your organization in mind.

Collaborative survey management
Organizations need to get all decision makers and involved parties “on the same script” early on, to avoid problems arising too late to be dealt with.

Personalized surveys
Adding an element of personalization to invites and surveys can go a long way in driving increased response rates and fostering a strong relationship with your survey participants.

Advanced features
Zarca’s platform offers a range of intelligent attributes that make the job of the survey administrator easier, and promotes higher responses to surveys.

Robust reporting capabilities
Zarca boasts extensive analytic tools with which to extract valuable insights from your survey data.