Intuitive Editing

The Question Manager tab is completely Wizard-driven, allowing even the most novice survey designers to execute intuitive editing with the ease of a seasoned survey methodologist.

Determine Question Placement

When adding a new survey question, users simply choose the question type, and are then are prompted to select the location of the question from a drop-down menu.

Intuitive Editing

To change the location of a question after it has been initially placed, simply click the check box next to the question and click “Move” on the bottom toolbar.

Changing Order of Questions

User can easily move questions around on a page to create the most effective and logical “flow” for respondents. Simply click “Move” on the bottom toolbar and select a page location from the location drop-down menu.

Varied Answer Sequence

To minimize the effects of answer biases like recency (choosing first answer) and primacy (choosing last answer), Zarca’s intuitive editing allows users to rotate or randomize the sequence of question’s answer options.

Intuitive Editing