Survey Question Types

Varied Survey Question Types

To design a dynamic survey, utilize a mix of survey question types, along with both close and open-ended types of survey questions, makes information-gathering more flexible and gives your survey options.

There are ranking survey question types that show respondents? attitudes on a particular topic based on its ordinal positioning. You can employ rating questions to see how respondents view certain issues, based on their position on a sliding scale. There are also multiple-select type questions that allow a respondent to choose more than one answer option.

Every type of survey question has its advantages and disadvantages and should be placed strategically within the survey to aid in extracting quality data from respondents.

Open-ended questions are a great way to get expanded feedback from respondents and draw new insights from viewpoints that weren?t previously on the radar. However, these question types should be used sparingly compared to other survey questions which allow you to control the type of information being sought.

Likewise, not utilizing survey question types that use drop-downs or scrolling menus will make your survey length longer, and therefore won?t be as easy for the respondent to complete.

Survey Question Types